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December 16, 2017

Customer Relations
NRMA Insurance
Reply Paid 62759
Sydney NSW 2000

Fax Number: (07) 3135 1470

To Sir/Madam

Re: Finalise payouts for flood victims

I write to inform you that the manner in which NRMA Insurance executes flood cover to your policy holders for damage suffered by Queensland flood victims will be a consideration in the next insurance policy I purchase.

As consumers, we have the right to full disclosure of what is covered by your insurance policies. As we have seen with recent events, a significant amount of policy holders are still unclear if they will be covered for flood damage. Delays due to arguments over the definition of ‘a flood’ are particularly unsympathetic to those looking to rebuild their lives.

The time taken to assess damage in order to finalise claim payout is paramount as it impacts on the victim’s ability to rebuild. Reports regarding payout timeframes from NRMA Insurance will be a consideration at the time of my policy renewal.

I hope NRMA Insurance takes on board my concerns. I will once again reiterate that how NRMA Insurance deals with your policy holders during the Queensland flood of 2011 will impact on my future insurance purchasing decisions.


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